Mission of the position:

  • Public Funding Manager ensures increased access of SOS Children's Villages B&H to public funds and successful implementation of publicly funded projects through Planning, Monitoring & Evaluation activities. He/she identifies opportunities for accessing public funds and grants in the country and abroad on topics close to the programme activities of SOS Children's Villages B&H. He/she also assesses the possibilities for applications to specific public funds in accordance with existing resources, deadlines, the complexity of the project and the possibility of implementing the programme in collaboration with teams of SOS Children's Villages B&H. Public Funding Manager ensures successful and timely application of grant proposals to specific public funds, establishes monitoring & evaluation system at project level according to requirements of SOS and institutional/public donors and builds the capacity of the Organization in the field of project cycle management. He/she must respect all valid standards, guidelines and policies of SOS Children’s Villages International and the SOS Children's Villages B&H and promote the organization’s brand, its vision, mission, goals

General tasks of the Project Manager:

Access to Public Funding

  • Screen relevant grants for applicability in the National Association
  • Recommend the application of a particular public fund to National Director, Programme Development Director (PDD) staff and National Management Team.
  • Set up and keep updated a national PF-database

Project Design

  • Coordinate and steers all stages of project design and management (preparation, monitoring and evaluation) including the application process
  • Organize and lead project formulation workshops and kick off meeting with involvement of main stakeholders
  • Support project staff during inception period by providing all relevant information on grant contract issues
  • Apply all mandatory tools and guidelines of the International Office in the field of Public Funding and Institutional Partners-donors.

Monitoring and Evaluation of grant projects

  • Follow up current grant implementations in terms of monitoring and evaluation
  • Support projects in setting up M&E system at programme level
  • Collect information on project progress on regular basis and support project staff in writing progress and financial reports

Communication, cooperation and visibility of public funding

  • Build up and nurture a network with co-workers, organizations and institutions towards establishing long term partnerships for public funding projects.
  • Contact and communicate with donor on behalf of SOS CV B&H on grant contract issues
  • Deliver all relevant information and updates from PF donors to project staffs
  • Support project managers in preparation of PF project progress reports
  • Be responsible for visibility actions of grant project according to donor requirements
  • Participate with the consent of the National Director in all important events and activities in the country that are of great importance for creating networks in the public funding sphere.

Capacity building and knowledge sharing

  • Foster, ensure capacity building measures for national key-co-workers in the field of Project Cycle Management, Public Funding
  • Deliver all mandatory tools and guidelines in the field of Public Funding to project staff
  • Participate as a member in the regional PF-network and thus supporting colleagues and peers on the EUCM Region

Qualifications and Competences:

Besides legal obligations, candidate is expected to fulfill general requirements:

  • A degree or postgraduate qualification in a relevant subject area, e.g. project management, development studies, community development, public policy & planning, social sciences, etc.
  • At least 5 years’ work experience in the social development field.
  • Expertise in project design, monitoring and evaluation
  • Experience in planning and implementation of social projects co-financed by institutional donors
  • Deep knowledge and understanding of project cycle management
  • Ability to develop project proposals in line with public donors’ requirements and oversee their implementation
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills, including written and spoken English and B/H/S language
  • Computer literacy (MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint).
  • Strong analytical skills
  • Strong planning, organizational and problem-solving skills
  • Positive and professional approach: ability to work both independently and in team, highly organized, result-oriented, using initiative, keeping commitments and meeting deadlines.

Preferred additional criteria

  • Good knowledge of social development issues and understanding of children’s rights and rights-based approaches in the development of programmes
  • Experience in budget development and basic knowledge on financial management
  • Work experience in projects / programmes that build self-reliance and sustainability at family and/or community level.

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