As businesses grow, and their industries develop, the needs of those businesses grow, and shift as well. Trying to meet these changing needs without a complete understanding of the circumstances that surround them is as good as gambling. To avoid these risks, a strong team of researchers and writers are necessary to determine the nature of the challenges being faced, and firmly understand the costs and benefits of the solutions proposed. Because of this, Emerson Croft is seeking a writer for our partner companies that love researching topics, and documenting their findings.

We’re looking for someone with some experience in researching and writing. There is no simple, one size fits all metric to measure this, and we understand that our applicants will be coming from a wide range of backgrounds. This role involves a lot of researching the topics among our needs that most strongly resonate with your interests, and thoroughly documenting your findings. You’ll be working closely with a team to build up the knowledge base of the company, and test out proposed changes to determine if they will achieve their intended purpose. For this reason, strong communication skills, and the ability to thrive as a part of a team are essential.

Emerson Croft partners exclusively with all-remote companies, so all of our positions empower you with the ability to work wherever you’re comfortable, to whatever schedule works best for you. They strive to get the most out of their employees, providing them with the ability to adapt and specialize within this role to work on the things that interest you most of all.

You will:

  • Conduct thorough online research
  • Create clean, concise technical documentation and specifications
  • Create, unify, and promote documentation best practices throughout the company
  • Maintain existing technical documents and keep them up-to date
  • Implement changes and improvements to documentation processes
  • Lead a team of writers responsible for product development and documentation
  • Assist in developing training materials


  • BA in a writing-related field (Technical Communication, English, Journalism, Instructional Design, etc.)
  • 1 or more years of experience writing technical software documentation and/or non-fiction articles
  • Proficient written and spoken English
  • Experience creating and copy-editing internal documents
  • Knack for being creative, innovative, proactive and structured in the tasks you own
  • High attention to detail

Nice to haves:

  • Experience at a growth-stage tech company (web/app/mobile/e-commerce projects)
  • An accessible online portfolio of your work
  • Experience as a team leader
  • Technical writing certification or vocational training in writing

Applications for this position should be sent via LINK

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